Geoff Carter

Sit back and have a laugh with Geoff every morning (and for a portion of the afternoon) as he brings you the shenanigans, hoo-has and carry-ons.


Join Geoff Carter every weekday morning from 9am. There’s never a dull moment as Geoff brings you loads of great music and a whole range of interactive features.


He’s got a word to throw into your conversations with ‘Chuck it & Spell It. He'll be joined by one of his regular guests to discuss things from the wacky to the plain ridiculous in ‘Talk About’. Plus he's got 2 great 78's after 11 when he cranks up his 'Giant Jukebox'. Geoff will be joined by somebody different each day to have a chat in ‘The 12 O’Clock Interview’.


The Hot Years

Relive the great music and memories from the years gone by.

Join Geoff Carter every weekday afternoon from 1pm for the classic songs and headlines from two mystery years. Can you guess the years?


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